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Who Am I??
A year ago if someone would of told me I was about to venture off into the unknown and ride a bike (that I don't have) across the country, well, I would of laughed in their face. The funny thing is I am not even a cyclist. Actually, I just purchased my first bike without training wheels about four months ago. The even funnier thing is I'm definitely not what you would call a "camper". Don't get me wrong I love the outdoors and all; and I've done my fair share of hiking and running around my neighborhood! But let's just say me, bugs, and the dark don't exactly fit in the same sentence! So what kind of person am I??
I'm a small town girl with a big heart for adventure. I love to fill my life with anything exciting from skydiving to road trips on a whim. I look at life as an adventure, something to be experienced and enjoyed. I believe I have a very positive outlook on life and have come to learn everything happens for a reason. I'm the kind of person that is always on the go and hates to sit still. I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive family and a group of the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for. By the way for all you moms out there, yes my mom did try to talk me out of this but luckily my mom is my best friend and has been the most supportive person through out all of this.
I've always had tons of ideas of what I want to do with my life, from owning my own pizza restaurant to teaching underprivileged children in Africa. My goals reflect my life in many ways. I'm always changing my mind in some way or another. For instance, I've changed my college major about five different times. It seems I can't settle for one thing to do with my life because there is so much out there; I want to do it all. I finally went with one of my passions, which is teaching and working with children with special needs.
In 2009 I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There I earned a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. After college I was wading in the waters between being a college student and becoming a real live adult. But who said it had to start the day after graduation?? I thought what a perfect time to do something I would never do in 20 years when I am teaching little munchkins and wearing Christmas sweaters!!
What Project: Live Means To Me....
So why exactly am I about to trade my trusty car in for a bike, my warm house for a tent, and my cozy bed for a sleeping bag????
To begin with my love is to travel and I have been NOWHERE... soo I thought it was time to change that. My first and only real trip that came complete with a plane and a couple taxicabs was to New York City and it changed my life forever. It was the first time I realized there was more to this world than the small town I grew up in. Ever since then I have only wanted to see and experience everything from the Hollywood sign to the pyramids in Egypt. If I could spend the rest of my life traveling the world, trust me, I would, and hopefully I'll find a way someday. Until then I figure why not take a year off before I begin my career and see this beautiful country we've been blessed with.
Another reason I'm about to dive into the unknown is because my whole life has been one big schedule. From the time I was five it has been nothing but school, homework, and projects. Add in dance class, gymnastics practice, cheering at my high school football and basketball games, and the most fun: a job! Don't get me wrong I know that's pretty much what everybody goes through, but I want to get out of that rut while I can and before it returns. I want to take this opportunity and just go wherever the wind blows me with no constrictive schedule or having every bit of my day planned out before it even arrives. I know that's not real life but it can be my life for a while if I let it.
One of the biggest reasons I am about to embark on this journey of a lifetime is because I was lucky enough to find someone just as crazy, or maybe even crazier than I am to experience it with. What better way to see the country, experience some thrills, and help people along the way than with the love of your life and your best friend?!
My whole life I have come up with idea after idea of something exciting to do with it. Most of them didn't even make it past being a thought. There is no way I'm going to let this trip become another passing dream. My biggest regret in life would be to wake up one morning and realize I haven't done anything or been anywhere. Thanks to this trip, hopefully I will never have to experience that.