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This journey is not an easy journey to do. You can "help us help them" by sponsoring us as we ride. Simply make a donation* to us of $25 or more and we will post your business's logo (with a link to your site) in one of our ad blocks. The ad will stay on the page for the duration of this ride and until this fundraising program is finished. Simply email us at and title you email "Sponsor you" and we will fill you in on the rest. The blocks are given out on a first come first serve basis. The home page blocks will be saved for our personal choosing. You can pick one from any of the other pages that aren't already taken.

We are also looking for interesting things to do on our trip to hopefully make our site more interesting (the more interesting it is the more people will view it and the more successful our fundraising will be). Check out our general route on our Adventures page and our Bucket List. If you have a service listed here or some other interesting activity in need of promoting let us know. If possible we will work something out. Our visit will be recorded in our Video that day, our Pictures, and our Daily Journals; we will add your business logo to our Thanx To page, and we will add your business on our Google map as well.

Anyone helping us out will also be noticed on the Thanx To page. Your business logo, (providing that you have an image available) with a link to your site will be posted in the business section near the top. Individuals will be noticed on the bottom section.

EMAIL US: at if you are interested in sponsoring us or promoting your business/product.

*This donation is sent to Jonathan and Ashley to help them finish their ride. This donation is not to charity and is a "gift" and non tax deductible.