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To experience and document an unforgettable adventure across the US while proving to ourselves and others that if you put your mind to something it can be accomplished, and while helping and inspiring as many as possible.

Project: Live is basically our own personal project to live our life. We want to go on a journey that we will never forget; a journey that many people would love to take, but few actually get the chance to do. This website is a way for us to share our experience with the world. We are filming and recording our experiences as often as possible and you can follow our adventure on the Follow Us/Adventures page, The Pictures/Videos page, and the Daily Journal page.
What are we doing exactly? Everything we can! To start with we are riding our bikes from North Carolina, through Florida to California. Camping out along the way, or any other place we can find to sleep. Hotels get far too expensive for our budget. So most nights will be spent in a tent. We are not sure exactly how long this adventure might take. We're thinking "the longer the better!" This is not a race across America. For us it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The trip isn't going to be planned mile for mile, we believe it's more exciting when your not sure exactly what lies ahead. We do know the general path we're taking (as seen on the follow us page) however, the exact roads have not been determined. Since we are not on a rigorous schedule we are going to play the trip by ear. We will be able to stop at different locations along the way as we wish.

We will be documenting our trip on this website through means of pictures, videos, daily journals, and a pretty detailed map of our route. The pictures, videos, and journals will be updated whenever we get a chance to stop and upload them to our site. Hopefully this will be at least every 2 or 3 days. You can keep track of where we are, within a few days, through our follow us page. Hopefully we will get the chance to share most of our experience with the world.

Along the way we hope to knock out most, if not all of the activities on our bucket list page. We have many things we want to do in our life time. We hope to accomplish many of these on this trip. They are not all listed but the main ones we can think of are.

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet interesting (and nice) people along the way and also see some of the beautiful places this country has to offer.
Obviously this trip benefits us (Jon and Ashley), however greater joy comes from helping others and that's one of the pleasures we hope to enjoy during this trip. There are many ways to help others, so there are a few ways we chose to do our part.

First, along our trip, we are continuously taking donations on our site to help individuals with disabilities through Push America. This non-profit organization is designed to promote a greater understanding of people with disabilities. Also at the end of our trip 10% of the money donated will be given to the Autism Society of America to help families affected by Autism. Through out our trip, when and if possible, we will be working with Push America to volunteer at different locations across the country to better the lives of individuals with special needs.

Different businesses and companies may also benefit from this. We are willing to work out deals with different businesses for them to promote themselves on our site. If you own a business, large or small, check out our bucket list and our advertise pages. Even if you are in a band, we love music of any kind, bring us to your show, and we'll post a link on our page for you.

One last, but very important benefit we hope many people receive from this project is inspiration. We are not wealthy individuals nor are we backed by large companies. We had an idea and we went with it. We hope others see what we are doing and realize that life doesn't happen by itself; you must make it happen, and you can no matter who you are. Make your dreams come true, no matter how big or small they may be. Others may doubt you but don't let that discourage you. Most of our friends and family either doubted us on this trip or tried to talk us out of it. But life must be lived. I've always said "Why be afraid to die if you're not living you're life in the first place?"
So we are definitely not big cycle gurus. So why are we riding bikes along this journey? Simple. We feel it will make for a more exciting adventure. Anyone can jump in a car and drive. When I was younger I always rode my bike around the neighborhood. First I started off in the driveway. Then I moved to the road. Then a little further down the road. The more distance I put between me and home, the more excited I got. It was a little bit like freedom. That's kind of how this trip is going to be. Once we hit that certain point we will realize we've started an adventure. We will start riding on roads we haven't been on before and seeing places we're not familiar with.

We want to travel, but not just to one particular location. We want to see the little things that people don't have time to notice when they are driving down the highway. We want to be forced to take our time as we travel, this way we don't try to stay on a strict schedule, just like every other day of our lives. We get there when we get there, and we stop when we want, or need to stop. Plus we want an adventure that we probably won't get any other way.