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Support comes in many forms. We appreciate any support we can get. From a simple donation, to a simple wave as we ride by, to a small meal or a place to stay. Even just a visit to our site helps. Everytime someone supports us they are also supporting the causes which we are trying to support.
This ride will be very difficult, so we will need encouragment in any form possible. A hand shake, a "Way to go!" or anything. So if you know any way of helping us out let us know and it will greatly be appreciated. Just contact us if you would like to help in any way.
Ways To Help Us Help Them
  • Sponsor Us
  • A place to sleep or pitch our tent
  • An encouraging E-mail
  • A shower (because we will probably stink!)
  • A meal... of any kind
  • A friend
  • A small monetary donation (or Large!!!)
  • A "Way to go!!"
  • Visit our site
  • Tell your friends about us, spread the word
  • Not hitting us with your car!!
  • Not throwing stuff at us (unless it's food or money!)
  • Advertise on one of our pages, videos or we may be able to use your product in our videos or pictures to promote it.
We are on a strict budget (hopefully we'll have enough to make it to cali.). So if you would like to help us out by sending a monetary donation* you can send it to:

Make any checks payable to: Jonathan
*This will be counted as a non tax deductible gift
Project Live
P.O. Box 14402
Archdale, NC 27263